Cycling in Ireland vs Cycling in the Netherlands

So my first blogpost for An Óige has been published! It’s on my first hand experience of the differences between cycling in Dublin compared to cycling back home in the Netherlands.

Have a look at it here on the An Óige blog🙂

Me and Imke in Temple bar, complete with reflective safety vests

Me and Imke with our bikes in Temple bar, complete with reflective safety vests!


Lá Feabhra; Spring in Ireland

As someone born on a warm and sunny day in the middle of March(and who celebrated almost every birthday with good weather) I always thought of spring starting earlier than the commonly known starting date on the 20th of March. No, for me spring started way earlier. So you can imagine my delight when finding out that here in Ireland the official start of spring is not in March but in February! The first of February is known here as Lá Feabhra; the first day of spring and a day where Saint Brigid is celebrated. In the past they used to sow the first few seeds on this day to ensure a good harvest.

Today was one of the first sunny days where I was off while Imke was at her internship and after having spent so many days off staying inside because the weather was crap, I was more than happy to go out!

We live right next to a park and even though it consists mainly of grass and a handfull of trees, it’s on a hill and gives a nice view of the Dublin Mountains on the other side of Dublin. The last few weeks, flowers have been making their way up out of the grass but today I noticed for the first time that a lot of the trees already have green buds too!

Spring really does come at the beginning of February here! It completely caught me off guard. The last years spring always seemed to come too late. By the end of March I was already yearning, craving even to see green leaves on the trees again, and then it often still took a month before they would even start to bud. It was an obsession really; all I could think of when I would look at the trees would be how much I longed to see them green again. But here, here spring has already arrived before I even started to long for it!It makes me love this country even more. I can’t wait to see Dublin in its full green glory.