Dutch gingerbread drops (Kruidnootjes)

Dutch Gingerbread drops

The Dutch are not too keen on Santa Claus; instead they have the tradition of Saint Nicolas. The Saint comes to the Netherlands on the 5th of December and gives gifts to all the kids who have been good that year. This tradition is accompanied by a Dutch delicacy known as “kruidnootjes” which are available in shops from September until January. I will call them gingerbread drops, since this is the closest resemblance of English known food. In a lot of the western European countries there is a baked good called speculaas, and the specific combination of spices used for this are called speculaas spices. These resemble spices used in the well-known Gingerbread and are also used in the gingerbread drops. In the Netherlands, all you need to do is buy a package of these speculaas spices and just add them to your batter mix, but since these are not available in every country, for this recipe I will also explain how to make the right mixture of spices. It’s quite an easy and fast recipe, it is mainly the rolling the balls and baking that takes some time.

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