Animated movie recs; The little prince


To those who know me well it is no secret that I adore animated movies. If you would have it; I would pick an animated movie over “real” movies any time. The artwork and scenes so beautifully crafted, it just sparks a feeling of wonder and magic in me. You are not distracted by the rules and qualms of the real world in an animated movie, it is a different world completely and thus anything is possible.

Ofcourse in the last decades, 3d and cgi have improved immensely, allowing us to view worlds that look real like our own, yet have landscapes and creatures that we lack. I love those type of fantasy movies too of course, but there is something touching about animated movies that they just lack. Maybe it’s the part where you yourself have to use your fantasy to believe in what is happening.

One of the most reoccurring arguments people have when they say they “dislike” animated movies is “But it doesn’t look real so I don’t feel as involved in it as if it would be a ‘real’ movie”. Yet, from my point of view, it is irrelevant to me whether a character looks real, is hand drawn, or digitally animated, or even just written. You just need your own imagination and empathy to feel for those characters and be part of their adventures. Empathy is the biggest human virtue and yet these days most people seem to lack empathy for anyone other than those close to them. Maybe that’s the reason why so many people have problems relating to animated characters.

Either way, I am not here to complain about the lack of interest of grown-ups in animated movies. I am here to announce that from today onward, every two weeks I will post a blog about an animated movie that I liked. Sharing whatever gems I found(Aka: I will keep the Disney movies to a minimum because almost everyone knows about those;) )

This weeks little gem is The Little Prince. I have read the book and I absolutely adored it. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I heard there was going to be a movie about it.

I loved the artwork, how the story telling was differently animated compared to the normal story line. Yet what was even more surprising was the storyline itself! As I have mentioned, I read the book, and when I first heard about the movie I thought it would follow the book. Yet it took a completely different turn, and I think it was a good decision that they did! They took the essence of the book, being youthful regardless of your age and taking time to appreciate the little things, and managed to get this message across in the movie too. I won’t spoil much more but this movie is definitely a must see!

If you have already watched it, let me know what you thought? 🙂