Recently I’ve been searching far and wide for job opportunities and yesterday I found one that sounded perfect the only downside (or up, depending on your view) was that it was located in Venice. And today I happened to stumble upon advert to travel the world for an outdoor clothes brand and get paid for it at the same time. These both sounded amazing but allas, I have a wonderful girlfriend here that I don’t want to leave behind.

At first these thoughts of “oh but it’s far away so I can’t” felt a bit rough. The me of 2 years ago would’ve jumped at the opportunity to move any where abroad. But then it hit me: what an amazing experience! How incredibly lucky I am to be in the position where I have something so important that I would never even think of leaving it behind just to live in another country. What a beautiful place to be, that I have found someone so special that I don’t want to live in far away places unless it is with her.

I’m extremely grateful to have her in my life and to be able to experience this.


The way of the wind


Have you ever looked at grass in the wind? And I mean really looked at it? Because if you have, you would have seen the way the wind blows. How certain air streams twist and bend. The wind is not one entity, it doesn’t all come from the same direction with one single airflow. It’s an multiple being consisting of many separate airflows, bending, twisting and turning. All caused by obstacles, some nearby, some miles away.

I love how the grass, the leaves on the trees or trash floating about, can all make the invisible visible; suddenly it’s very clear how the wind turns and twists, which path each individual air flow takes and where it joins up with others.

I could literally sit on a hill for hours, just gazing at the way the wind blows through the grass. This majestic thing that is so powerful yet only visible through other matter fascinates me.

Da Vinci’s Demons; HiStory is a lie.

After a week holiday followed by week of catching up with life, I’m finally back! And thus without further delay(and without any spoilers!(with the exception of the official trailer), I present to you:

As a little girl my dream was to become an inventor, and Da Vinci was my hero. Needless to say, when I found out that there was a TV-series made about him in his younger years, I was intrigued. Within the last 3 days I managed to finish the 8, 1 hour long, episodes of the first season and fell in love with it. One thing that keeps reappearing in the series that I love in general, is the genius mad man. The Doctor, Sherlock, Casanova(Jack Sparrow, and many other characters of Johnny Depp have a place in this list too) they are all mad as a hatter, but incredibly intelligent and always doing things their own way. Da Vinci certainly didn’t disappoint me on this point.

The series is focused on the younger years of Da Vinci and deals with some of the problems he might have faced as a bastards son. I won’t say too much of what happens in the series, for I’m afraid that I might give spoilers. But I can tell you one thing: You’ll get to see a side of Da Vinci that had so far been un-explored (this part reminds me of the BBC series Merlin, where they focused on the young Merlin as well. The concept seems to work quite well for well-known figures of the past who were only famous at an older age. I’m curious to see whom they’ll come up with next!) On top of that there are his struggles of being a genius and problems with Rome.

The makers of the series clearly don’t shy away from any subject, may it be nudity or bloody torture scenes (I admit, the blood and torture was sometimes too realistic for me to keep my eyes on the screen but it does give it an more authentic feel, and it’s clear that it’s directed at an adult audience) as well as Da Vinci’s true colours of being a vegetarian and, bisexual. There seems to be some adversity around this topic because some historians would believe him to be homosexual. I actually prefer the take David Goyer has taken on the subject, as Da Vinci states in the series that he prefers neither men nor women, but rather loves the person, which in my opinion fits Da Vinci quite well. It’s only a small part of the show anyway so I don’t really see why people get their panties in a knot about it(It’s not like anyone can ever be a 100% sure that he was homosexual, bisexual, straight, or maybe even asexual! Taking the road of going for the person falls in line with Da Vinci’s character in the show, so why fret?)

Da Vinci's vision of flightDa Vinci's vision of flight

David Goyer’s writing is nearly as brilliant as Steven Moffat’s. He captures the genius of Da Vinci in a great way. Unlike Sherlock or the Doctor, Da Vinci is a more quiet thinker, he doesn’t ramble to work things out but instead you can see an amazing acting performance of Tom Riley, making it easy to believe that Da Vinci’s mind is racing at an incredible speed, supported by some the ingenious blue-print animated scribbles to express his train of thought. Aside from being a genius, Da Vinci is also portrayed as a man with guts and a good sense of (sometimes sarcastic) humour.

The only spoiler that I will give you is that you’ll see many of the real Da Vinci’s inventions in the series, which is quite cool if you have some background knowledge of Da Vinci. To me, it didn’t feel like I was watching a TV series. It felt more like an 8 hour long movie. The show has everything I could wish for in a good movie: Adventure, action, mystery, fantasy, humour and romance. Add to that the fact that the quality of the special effects/animation are remarkable and it all combines into the great experience the show gives. The series ended with a bang, one that left us all hanging, but! The good news is that the second season will already air next spring!!

I mentioned Doctor Who and Sherlock before and I’m convinced that if you like either of those shows, you definitely won’t be disappointed by Da Vinci’s Demons either. And as for those of us who haven’t seen any of the shows mentioned: Go do your homework, these shows are priceless! 😉

So what about those who already watched it? What is your opinion of the show?

It all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard

We all(or at least most of us) know TED(Ideas worth spreading). I usually stumble across one or two interesting TED video every few weeks. Recently I came across some TEDed (Lessons worth sharing) videos named “What’s invisible?” and “Questions no one knows the answer to” . They both contain questions I myself have been wondering about as long as I can remember. TEDed is definitely worth checking out if you’ve only been familiar with TED.  Obviously there are a lot more videos just as interesting and intriguing as the ones I mention here!

One of the reasons that I love TED video’s is that they always make you think. I have never watched a TED video and afterwards just moved on with my life without sparing it a second thought. I like thinking, and I like discovering new ideas or looking at familiar things and suddenly see it in a new light.

The part about the universe(s) are intriguing in particular. Sometimes I think about this so long that it gives me a headache. I don’t have a problem believing that the universe is expanding, that there might be tons of other universes with different laws of physics OR that there are numerous parallel universes.  But what is really difficult for me to grasp is “Where does it all go into?”. Let’s focus on our universe for now. If it is constantly expanding, it has to expand into something, some kind of space area. If it continues infinite it might be spiralling around. But let’s say our universe is an ever expanding ball. But then this ball should be somewhere. How can anything ever be no where? How can it ever be just the universe, how can there ever be nothing outside of it. (Is there even a thing as nothing? Some people claim that Nothing is Dark matter. but then it’s not nothing any more, it’s something) And even with the other universes(parallel or not), they all have to fit in somewhere. Is there really nothing that holds them together? Or is our universe ball in a big bowl(of Dark matter?) filled with universe balls? But then where is that bowl?(And is that expanding too? Or are there also universes compressing?)and if there an end or beginning to Dark Matter. Are there any borders? Either way, it has to be somewhere, and that somewhere has to be somewhere. It’s an never ending question.  (and also one I will probably never know the answer of). However, not knowing this answer will never stop me from wondering. Quite the contrary, not knowing will only make me wonder more.

What is your opinion about these subjects? Any questions you’ve always been asking yourself but never get the answer to? I’m very curious to hear your comments!