The way of the wind


Have you ever looked at grass in the wind? And I mean really looked at it? Because if you have, you would have seen the way the wind blows. How certain air streams twist and bend. The wind is not one entity, it doesn’t all come from the same direction with one single airflow. It’s an multiple being consisting of many separate airflows, bending, twisting and turning. All caused by obstacles, some nearby, some miles away.

I love how the grass, the leaves on the trees or trash floating about, can all make the invisible visible; suddenly it’s very clear how the wind turns and twists, which path each individual air flow takes and where it joins up with others.

I could literally sit on a hill for hours, just gazing at the way the wind blows through the grass. This majestic thing that is so powerful yet only visible through other matter fascinates me.


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