Café Rongo: A real-life project

The first experiment results

So as some of you might be aware, I’m currently on an exchange in Finland for my bachelor in Leisure management. One of my courses here at Haaga-Helia is called Designing Services, the course has several real life projects and the one my team chose was the case of Café Rongo. Café Rongo is a small café in the old town of Porvoo, Finland. Owned by a Finnish woman and her partner from New Zealand the place has a cosy, international atmosphere. Recently they opened  a second location in the cultural centre of Porvoo: The Art factory. Our aim of the project is to specify the target group and find out if the concept of the old town café would also work in the new location.

The course focusses on several real-life experiments and this week we started the first one. We’re documenting everything on a public blog, so if you’d find this interesting and like to keep up to go check it out: Café Rongo meets designing services


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