It all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard

We all(or at least most of us) know TED(Ideas worth spreading). I usually stumble across one or two interesting TED video every few weeks. Recently I came across some TEDed (Lessons worth sharing) videos named “What’s invisible?” and “Questions no one knows the answer to” . They both contain questions I myself have been wondering about as long as I can remember. TEDed is definitely worth checking out if you’ve only been familiar with TED.  Obviously there are a lot more videos just as interesting and intriguing as the ones I mention here!

One of the reasons that I love TED video’s is that they always make you think. I have never watched a TED video and afterwards just moved on with my life without sparing it a second thought. I like thinking, and I like discovering new ideas or looking at familiar things and suddenly see it in a new light.

The part about the universe(s) are intriguing in particular. Sometimes I think about this so long that it gives me a headache. I don’t have a problem believing that the universe is expanding, that there might be tons of other universes with different laws of physics OR that there are numerous parallel universes.  But what is really difficult for me to grasp is “Where does it all go into?”. Let’s focus on our universe for now. If it is constantly expanding, it has to expand into something, some kind of space area. If it continues infinite it might be spiralling around. But let’s say our universe is an ever expanding ball. But then this ball should be somewhere. How can anything ever be no where? How can it ever be just the universe, how can there ever be nothing outside of it. (Is there even a thing as nothing? Some people claim that Nothing is Dark matter. but then it’s not nothing any more, it’s something) And even with the other universes(parallel or not), they all have to fit in somewhere. Is there really nothing that holds them together? Or is our universe ball in a big bowl(of Dark matter?) filled with universe balls? But then where is that bowl?(And is that expanding too? Or are there also universes compressing?)and if there an end or beginning to Dark Matter. Are there any borders? Either way, it has to be somewhere, and that somewhere has to be somewhere. It’s an never ending question.  (and also one I will probably never know the answer of). However, not knowing this answer will never stop me from wondering. Quite the contrary, not knowing will only make me wonder more.

What is your opinion about these subjects? Any questions you’ve always been asking yourself but never get the answer to? I’m very curious to hear your comments!



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